How To Start 10 Invisalign
Cases Every Month

A 30-Minute Masterclass with Jace Campbell, CPA

The public's awareness of clear aligners has never been higher. Invisalign. Smile Direct. Candid. The opportunity has never been bigger and yet most practices continue starting 1, 2, maybe 3 cases a month.

Join us as we lay out the roadmap for getting to 10 clear aligner case starts every month. Your practice can reach this easily achievable milestone within 90 days if you understand: 

  • The Mindset & Mechanics for Profitable Grow​​​​th
  • Getting the Patient Flywheel Started
  • Escaping the Commoditization of Clear Aligners
  • The Single Question (& Answer) That Determines Your Speed of Growth

Just to properly frame this masterclass, we will NOT discuss:

  • Website building
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing Tactics
  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram advertising

Dear Investor,

That's right. I called you an Investor instead of a Dentist.

You invested in clear aligners for your practice, but it hasn't worked out quite like you had hoped.

Your skills as a clinician have nothing to do with your lack of clear aligner profits.

It's not your fault . . . you were sold on the Clear Aligner Utopia.

The manufacturers painted a beautiful scene for you: New patients flooding your office . . . existing patients wheeling in stacks of cash . . . all because you now have the magic touch of straight teeth without braces.

This was going to be easy, right?

So you invested in the training and the intraoral scanner and your team's training and then . . . it happened.

Every dentist within 3,000 miles of your office (virtually the entire country) did the exact same thing and BOOM . . . competitive advantage GONE.

As if that wasn't enough, then SmileDirect comes along and your patients can now straighten their teeth without ever coming into your office.

Sorry, but it's time for you to recognize that clear aligners are a COMMODITY.

You might say "No way, our aligners are different."

You keep telling yourself that (because it's true), but your patients don't know you are different. Ask your patients if SmileDirect Club sells Invisalign and you'll hear a resounding "YES".

There's only one way to win at the commodity game, and that is to adjust price based on supply and demand.

Lucky for you, there is a process to REVERSE this trend and DE-COMMODITIZE your expertise with clear aligners.

The Diamond Plus practices...the guys starting 35 cases a month and banking $100k a month in PURE CASH FLOW...they get it.

In fact, those guys aren't driving down the price like you think.

And neither is SmileDirect.

Join us for this 30-minute masterclass where we discuss the mindset and mechanics of building a $30k/month practice.

This isn't pie-in-the-sky stuff. Practices are doing this RIGHT now.

They put in the effort to get the flywheel turning and now momentum is spitting out positive cash flow every single month.

Bring your notepad and curiosity, check your ego at the door, and be prepared to get pushed beyond your comfort zone. Let's deliver smiles whilst filling your coffers.

To Your Success,
Jace Campbell, CPA

P.S. You're probably wondering (because I would be too) . . . there's nothing for sale on this webcast. This is pure value. The strategies we discuss can be executed by you, your office manager, your marketing agency.

Hosted by:

Jace Campbell, CPA

Jace is the Founder of ClearSmile Profits, the clear aligner division of Focus & Scale LLP.  Jace is a CPA in the state of Texas and brings a fiscally-responsible approach to business growth.

Jace does NOT do taxes. Yes, he's a CPA but he does NOT do taxes.

Jace focuses his attention on helping dentists to greater profits by systematizing every leverage point in a clear aligner practice. His team has proven expertise in patient-getting, case acceptance, and clinical confidence - having worked with over 1,000 practices globally to improve clear aligner margins.

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