What's Keeping You From Starting More Invisalign® Cases?

Marketing?  Conversion?  Clinical Confidence?

We Believe

. . . patients are best treated with aligners under the care and supervision of a local dentist or orthodonist.

. . . Invisalign offers dentists the greatest return on time, return on investment, and return on effort.

Invisalign Business-in-a-Box

ClearSmile Profits is the only full service Invisalign consultancy supporting every step of both your patient's experience and your practice's P&L. 

The End to End Solution

01 Attracting Qualified Prospects

Your expertise will be on full display with our proprietary ClearSmile Authority System™. We utilize our digital assets and our marketing processes to deliver new consultations. You don't have to worry about a thing until the new patient arrives for their consultation.

02 Converting Consultations

Don't worry about the consultation either!  Your team will be professional closers thanks to the ClearSmile Classroom (online portal). Our instructors bring over two decades of experience from working with hundreds of Invisalign practices globally. You just worry about the ClinCheck.

03 Superior Clinical Confidence

Worry about the ClinCheck? Forget about it! Our orthodontic partner will fully optimize your ClinCheck for maximum predictability and fewer refinements. Sleep easy with even the complex cases as we've optimized over 100,000 ClinChecks and only 1 in 20 cases need a refinement.
Take back your time!

A Note from Our Founder
From the Desk of Jace Campbell, CPA

Dear Doctor,
Keeping up with the latest in digital marketing trends and techniques is a full time job.

You've already got a full time job - which is exactly why I started this business.

Most marketing agencies propose a menu of services - and then guide you down a cauldron of confusion and techno-babble until they fit as many of their  services as they can into your  budget.

Then it goes something like this:

  1. 1
    Your  budget is squeezed into their  highest margin services.
  2. 2
    They offer no guarantees but over-estimate your economic return.
  3. 3
    No ROI? It's not their leads, of course. It's because your team didn't follow up, your consultation was lacking polish, the cases were too complex for aligners, etcetra.
  4. 4
    You're locked in a 12, 24, or even 36 month contract.
  5. 5
    Eventually, you get pitched by another advertising agency, decide to give them a try, and the whole process starts over again.

You repeat this cycle enough and you're well within your rights to distrust any marketer.

And that's when you end up with an Office Manager wasting ad dollars on "this thing his friend showed him".

As a Certified Public Accountant, it is important for me to design an Invisalign consulting service:

  • that seamlessly integrates into and supports the entire revenue production process;  
  • has clearly defined economic risks and rewards;
  • that removes operational hurdles and allows a decision based on financial investment, and;
  • is a win-win-win (for your practice, your patients, and our firm). 

You won't find many (or any) others willing to stake their revenue on your  profitable growth.

That is precisely why we have partnered with the world's most experienced Invisalign experts to ensure our clients are maximizing their profitability with every ad dollar we spend - whether it is your dollars or our own.

And that's how we're able to make a profit-producing guarantee.

I invite you to join ClearSmile Profits as we transform how patients engage their dentist and how dentists engage their consulting firm.

To your success,

Jace Campbell, CPA
Founder, ClearSmile Profits

How We Operate

Let's keep this simple. Here's what you get.

100% Managed Invisalign Production

Attracting New Patients​

  • Invisalign-focused Website
  • E-Guides for Lead Nurturing
  • Online Virtual Consultation tool 
  • 24/7 HIPAA-Compliant Live Web Chat
  • Educational Ad Creatives 
  • In-Market Audience Data
  • Automated email/text follow-up
  • Pay Per Click across all plaforms
  • Optimized Google Business Listing

Converting More Consultations w/ ClearSmile Classroom

  • Mindset Training for Owners
  • Mindset Training for Staff
  • Your Practice's Statement of Purpose
  • Optimizing the Financial Presentation

Unmatched Clinical Support

  • Case Evaluations to Reduce Referrals Out
  • Full Service ClinCheck Optimization
  • Accept complex cases with confidence
  • Reduce refinements & additional aligners

Pay Per Case Start

You license our assets and systems for a small monthly fee and then prepay a flat fee for each case start.

No additional ad spend. No data fees. No management fees. You know the precise acquisition cost for every new case. Plus, you receive team training and ClinCheck optimization.

We are so confident in our systems that we'll bear the risk. This is the closest investment to a T-bill (but with a better return).

Flat Fee + Ad Spend

This is the traditional advertising agency model that you are accustomed to . . . except you license our assets and systems and we make all strategic decisions on your invested spend.

Get out of the weeds of picking the winning platforms and service offers - this is 100% managed by us. Plus, we'll optimize your first 10 ClinChecks each month.

This option results in a variable case acquisition cost.

Services You Can Add

These services can be added but they are not included because they are beyond the scope of driving new Invisalign patients with paid advertising.​​​​

  • Full Dental Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Ranking of Google Listing
  • Review-Getting Software
  • Removal of Bogus Negative Reviews
  • In-Market Audience Data for Implants


ClearTPS is proud to partner with ClearSmile Profits to further promote our mission of treating malocclusion without limitation to clinical confidence, patient education, training or cost.

Sheldon Krancher Co-Founder, ClearTPS


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